PFB 400 Plate Filter

It must be filtered to clean the residues and solid particles in the oils which produced by the cold pressing method. This process can be done by of plate filter machines. We produce plate filters suitable for our industry by using standard filter plates. We ensure that the oils produced by our machines are filtered and stored with minimal exposure to air and light. Besides manufacturing whole filter machines completely from stainless steel, based on your needs we can manufacture only surfaces that contact with the oil from stainless steel. Filter plates and filter cloths are produced at the production temperatures of cold pressed oils by using raw materials that will not allow additives to the oil. Plate area and number of plates are calculated according to the capacity we determine depending on your oil production speed. Filtration is performed by using filter cloth in our PFB type filter machines. Particle size remaining in your oil after filtration will be 15 microns. It is recommended that our fifilter machines have a homogeneous particle distribution by mixing the oil in the tank, where oil is fed to the filter, in order to filter oil at efficient and calculated capacities. Our plate filters, equipped with pumps that work with very low speed, work with a level-controlled automation system so that they can work when you are not at work. As a result when your clean oil tank is full, your oil will not be wasted by overflowing.
Features Values
Plate Size 400*400 mm Polypropylene
Filter Component Filter cloth (5-500 micron)
Operating System Middle feed, single closed outlet
Operating Pressure 1 bar
Max Endurance Pressure 4 bar
Number of Plates 5-50 plate (determined by the required capacity)
Locking System Mechanical (Optional:Hydraulic)
Pump Diaphragm pneumatic pump (Optional: Electric Pump)
Chassis Steel (Optional: Stainless Steel)